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Constitution of the History Forum for Wales

General: (Mission Statement)

The remit of this Forum is to act as an association of organisations and individuals interested in the history of Wales. It is a self-defining group of people which cannot be limited by statutory boundaries.


The Forum shall be known as “The History Forum for Wales”


1) To encourage interest in the history of Wales, nationally and internationally.

2) To network the activities of affiliated societies.

3) To encourage research into the history of Wales nationally and internationally.

4) To encourage publication of the results of these researches.

5) To encourage the preservation and conservation of artefacts, archival material and constructions of historical value where appropriate.

6) To support the preservation and encourage the equal validity of the Welsh and English languages, conducting its affairs, as far as possible, bilingually.

7) To advance the education of the public in the history of Wales.


1) To provide exhibition space when possible at the National Eisteddfod and other suitable events for the use of members.

2) To sponsor an Annual Lecture on some aspect of Welsh history at the National Eisteddfod.

3) To sponsor other exhibitions and events on Welsh history where appropriate.
4) To act as a “voice” for the membership with national and other bodies as agreed at the executive meeting.

5) To co-operate with other similar bodies to further the aims of the Forum.

6) To promote the removal of previous bias and, where necessary, reintroduce the known facts of Welsh history in the form of exhibitions, publications or other appropriate means.

7) To promote the accurate teaching of Welsh history in schools from a Welsh viewpoint.


The Forum may do all lawful things necessary or expedient for the fulfilment of its aims and objectives.

The Forum will facilitate, encourage, sustain, provide and advertise, as appropriate, to fulfil its aims and objectives.

The Forum may set up subcommittees, but no decision of a subcommittee shall be taken which over-rides a decision of the Executive Committee.

The Forum shall have the power to raise funds, make applications to award-making bodies and invite and receive contributions in order to fulfil its aims and objectives.

The Annual General Meeting of The Forum may set Affiliation Fees for member organisations and individuals.

Standing Orders for conducting the affairs of the Forum:

Membership is open to all historical organisations and individuals with an interest in any aspect of Welsh history.

No statement of opinion or policy, or any action such as letter writing or fund raising, by any member of the Forum will be binding on the Forum unless it has been agreed previously at a meeting of the Forum Executive Committee. Any member making such a statement or committing such an act, not previously agreed by the Forum Executive Committee shall be deemed to have breached the conditions of membership and will be required to resign forthwith.

Regardless of the terms of the previous clause, the Forum Executive Committee shall be empowered to consider any exceptional circumstance and act upon any decision taken as a result.

Affiliated organisations may be represented by one voting member on the Forum Executive Committee. He or she shall be empowered to exercise a vote for each organisation he has been elected to represent, should he be appointed by more than one such body; except that a minimum of four individuals shall be present for the meeting to be quorate. Individuals who pay their own affiliation fees may attend meetings as non-voting members of the Executive Committee

There shall be an Annual General Meeting in each year, within fifteen months of the previous AGM, which will be open to the public. Members will be informed at least a fortnight prior to the date, which will be fixed by the Executive Committee and the date and venue will be displayed in appropriate places.

The Quorum of the AGM or a Special General Meeting shall be six elected members. Any member present shall be empowered to exercise a vote for each organisation he or she has been elected to represent, should he be appointed by more than one such body; except that a minimum of six individuals shall be present for the meeting to be quorate. If the Quorum is not met any business transacted will be ratified at the next Executive Meeting.

The AGM will elect a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, and any other officers it may deem fit, to hold office until the next AGM. The election shall be by show of hands unless a motion is passed otherwise. The Treasurer will report to the AGM including a statement of accounts for the previous financial year which shall run from January 1st to December 31st annually.

The Affiliation Fees for the year shall be set at the Annual General Meeting.

The Assessor or Auditor will be nominated at the AGM.

A Special General Meeting may be summoned at any time on written request to the Chairman indicating the business to be transacted, and signed by at least six elected members. The meeting must be held within twenty-one days and members informed fourteen days prior to the date.

The Executive Committee shall manage the business of the Forum and may delegate powers. It will meet regularly to monitor and encourage activities and to organise its annual commitments.

The Quorum for an Executive Committee Meeting shall be four elected members. The Committee may co-opt individuals to provide specialist advice, but these will be non-voting members.

Any vote at any meeting will be decided by a simple majority of those present. The Chairman shall have a second casting vote where the voting is otherwise tied. Members of the Executive Committee shall declare relevant interests before a vote is taken.

This Constitution may be amended at a Special or Annual General Meeting by a simple majority.

If the Executive decides that it is necessary to dissolve the Forum it will call a Special General Meeting giving fourteen days notice. If the proposal to dissolve the Forum is accepted by a simple majority, the Forum will cease to exist and its residual funds will be released proportionately to affiliated organisations and individuals.